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Progress on Sony Linux Bugfix
Wednesday, 16 February 2011 03:15

The Sony Playstation 3 was ahead of its time with a remarkable 8 core CPU so it was welcome news when a way was found to run Linux. Sony's automatic update procedure is badly broken, regularly interfering with improvements people make to the machines they own. Kevin Butler of Sony tweeted the USB dongle ID generator key 46 DC EA D3 17 FE 45 D8 09 23 EB 97 E4 95 64 10 D4 CD B2 C2. That makes it difficult for Sony to sue those who reproduce the code.


Microsoft has taken the opposite approach with Kinect. Alex Kipman, Xbox Director of Incubation, on  Science Friday pointed out they by design did not protect the USB connection which now has an open source driver. Shannon Loftis of Microsoft added “I'm very excited to see that people are so inspired that it was less than a week after the Kinect came out before they they had started creating and thinking about what they could do.” (Via Digitizer.com)


The Kinect is the hottest product from Microsoft in years and drove Xbox sales past Sony last quarter.