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Slumdog: 60% Digital, 40% Film
Wednesday, 04 March 2009 22:09

Anthony_Dod_MantleAnthony Dod Mantle won the Academy Award, although he shot more than half the "film" on a Silicon Imaging camera. The answer to "film or digital" is now yes, whichever is better for wat you're shooting that day. I'm a geek who knows that Moore's Law will constantly improve the digital gear, and bring the price down.

Hit TV series 24 used a $3,000 Sony FX-1 five years ago for scenes in tight places, I found out from an uncle working the show. Nobody noticed. That's the same HDV camera Jennie shoots with, and it certainly isn't as good as a $100,000 camera with a $20,000 lens.  But Moore's Law will constantly bring down the price and improve the quality of digital. The 4K Red camera at about $30,000 for the kit including a lense draws rave reviews.

Slumdog was shot in conditions no one would envy. It was "an orgy of bad light," Mantle tells Marcelo Lewin of EXPOZed. "The film versus digital debate as been like a war zone," he adds.

Time for a truce, I say.