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FiOS Beating Cable
Written by Dave Burstein   
Wednesday, 16 February 2011 11:32
shereff_bell_aliantCablevision added only 6K cable modem subscribers as FiOS is pulling ahead where they compete. If Verizon hadn't cut $2B from FiOS spending in 2010, Cablevision would probably have lost customers. "We have to get cable out of the home," Ivan Seidenberg told me years ago explaining FiOS. It didn't play out that way, as DOCSIS 3.0 and cable marketing strategies prevented Verizon pulling ahead. The slow rollout of FiOS also held them back.

      Bell Aliant in Eastern Canada accelerated their fiber rollout, adding 105K homes passed in 2010. The strong revenue increases in the fiber areas inspired them to plan 300K more homes passed in 2011, the largest North American fiber build after Verizon. Eastlink Cable had been hrting them badly and they decided they had no choice if they wanted to stay in the game.  Merrill Lynch's analysis confirmed this is the right move for them. Cincinnati Bell is nearly doubling fiber lines in 2011, to 159K. 
      Fiber is not dead.