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Greening Cable
Monday, 26 April 2010 15:37
April 24 Evan Groat of Motorola tells me the new model of Verizon set top is designed to be 20% more efficient and meets the 2011 "Tier 1" ENERGY Star requirements. Much of that is the natural evolution of components becoming more integrated each generation, including the power supply and the newer processor modules. Each tuner added - the 2012 standard may be six - is a power drain, but chip manufacturers hope to reduce the problem by incorporating multiple tuners on a single chip. The 2011 ENERGY STAR goal for a full DVR set top is about 250 kWh/yr http://bit.ly/celDhI, or about $3/month to the customer. The additional 20% reduction planned would Tier 2 in 2013 will save an $several hundred million per year. Here's the proposal: