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LTE to 85% of US in 3 Years?
Written by Dave Burstein   
Monday, 19 September 2011 17:17
LightSquared's ambitious schedule.Frank Boulben, Chief Marketing Officer, "anticipates completing its nationwide build covering 260m POPs roughly 12-18 months before its YE2015 deadline." Working with Sprint and using Sprint towers and backhaul they expect will speed things considerably. That's faster than pioneer Verizon (5 years to 92%) or AT&T (4 years to 80%, unclear but implicitly 6-8 years for 97%.)
     That would be a remarkable achievement from a company that has no operations. The technology is advancing rapidly so it's not impossible. Boulben also told the Merrill Lynch audience "It needs an additional $3.5b in funding to reach cash flow breakeven." That truly would be remarkable, The company has limited cash on hand and will have to cover operating losses for years before breakeven. He didn't break things out, but that figure implies the cost of a nationwide U.S. build of LTE of perhaps $3B.
    We need more competition so best of luck to them.